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Dr Simon Prideaux (retired) was an Associate Professor of Social Welfare, Disability Studies and Crime in the School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds (England). He has written, co-authored and edited four books entitled Crimes of States and Powerful Elites (2021), State Crime and Immorality: The Corrupting Influence of the Powerful (2016), Understanding Disability Policy (2012), Not So New Labour: A Sociological Critique of New Labour’s Policy and Practice (2005). He has also published in the journals Social Policy & Administration, the Canadian Journal of Sociology, Political Quarterly, Disability & Society and the International Journal of Social Welfare. Talks and/or keynote speeches have been given in Canada (Toronto), the Czech Republic (Olumouc), Finland (Mikkeli), Japan (Osaka and Tokyo), Malta (Saint Julians), Portugal (Braga and Lisbon), Slovakia (Tatranska Lomnica), Taiwan (Chun Cheng, Kaohsiung and Taipei) and the UK (Bath and Lancaster).



Jaana Poikolainen (Ph.D., Educ.) works as a research manager at Juvenia Youth Research and Development Centre, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. She has over two decades experience of interdisciplinary research. Poikolainen has leaded several research and development projects. Her expertise includes e.g. subjective wellbeing, youth services, education policy and research methods.


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Dr Neda Mohamadi (Neda Mo) is an Iranian art curator, academic scholar and art advisor based in London, UK, and currently the art curator at Southampton Hospital/University. She received her BFA and MFA in Sculpture and Painting, respectively, from the Tehran University of Fine Arts and was awarded PhD degree in Curating Contemporary Art from the Middlesex University of London. As a part of her academic career, she also worked as a lecturer at the Tehran University of Arts (Iran) and Middlesex University (UK) and is a member of the British Art Network and Paul Mellon Centre. Neda has gained experience in international curating in countries such as Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria, Belgium, and the UK through working on numerous solo and collective projects with international galleries, museums, and public and private collections in collaboration with artists and curators worldwide during a course of ten years. Neda's most recent project included curatorial methods in the sociopolitical subject of migration in contemporary arts, which was aimed at the hidden perspective of social matters. She believes creating an active space in collaboration with groups of minorities is one of the necessities in contemporary curatorial actions. Neda is quite interested in initiating discussions about socio-political topics, radical arts and interdisciplinary collaborations to challenge conventional boundaries by expanding the field of art.

H*All members are committed to help carry out flexible editorial/refereeing duties for our blogs, journals and books*


Dr Leah Burch, Department of Health and Wellbeing and Health and Social Care at Liverpool Hope University, UK


Prof Nick Emmell, Centre for Transdisciplinary Methodology at the University of Leeds, UK


Dr Fernando Fontes, Centro de Estudos Sociais da Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

Michael Grant, Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Bradford, UK



Megan Grieving, Senior Acquisitions Editor at Anthem Press, USA


Prof Ruth Holliday, Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at the University of Leeds, UK

Dr Andrea Hollomotz, Centre for Disability Studies at the University of Leeds, UK



Dr Andrew Wallace, School of Sociology and Social  Policy at the University of Leeds, UK


Dr Katy Wright, School of Sociology and Social  Policy at the University of Leeds, UK 

Dr Roland Zarzycki, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, Poland

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