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Educational Project

Classroom Participation at the Taiwan World Convention 2022

Guidlines for the Classroom Procedings

1. The relevant University/Institution hosts the classroom event 'in house'.  They pay the fees for the number of students and staff required ($4/£2 per head, per stream or $20/£10 per head for all six streams subject to ISA Category 'C' conditions)


2. Minimum class size of 5 (not including staff)


3. Register attendance through ONE portal only


4. On completion of a session (each stream usually has two sessions of 4 presentations maximum), organise discussion groups to formulate opinions, critique and, most importantly, to formulate questions to put to the relevant presenter(s)


5. Either elect a spokesperson to deliver and edit the questions or allow individuals from each group to advance the questions.  Delivery can either be orally when/if called upon or through the system messaging facility (time may curtail the amount of questions posed by all the Convention participants)



**A register of attendees is required for administrative purposes**


If more details are required please email Simon Prideaux at:  

Please use the above address to send registers

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