Taiwan World Convention 2022


(In)Justice International is holding a World Convention hosted by the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan

Attendees/Participants are now invited to register

Conflict, Confinement and Immorality is over four days from March 22 to March 25 and it comprises of the following six sessions:

Introduction and Stream 1 Tuesday March 22, 1pm - 5.25pm (TWT)



Welcome From Host: NPUST President

Convention Introduction: Dr Simon Prideaux, Director of (In)Justice International, England

Keynote Speaker: Professor Nilika Mehrotra, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Black Lives Matter: Global Recognition and Change 

Chair: Claudia Radiven, Teaching Fellow University of Leeds, England



Abel Ugba, University of Leeds, England/Africa – The Media and Racialisation of Africa During COVID-19: A Critical Assessment

Danielle Pereira Araújo, University of Coimbra, Portugal/Brazil - Polysemy of Freedom

Laura Kilby, Sheffield Hallam University, England - Protest, Equality and Grievability: What does it mean to matter?


Chinwe Stella Egbunike-Umegbolu, University of Brighton, England/Nigeria - The Chronicles of the Pre-Colonial Method of Settling Disputes: Nigeria as a Case Study  


Michael Grant, University of Bradford, England - Promoting Justice and Inclusion for All: A Social Work Perspective



Stream 2 Wednesday March 23, 8am - 12.25pm (TWT)

Indigenous Struggles: The Fight Against Marginalisation, Criminalisation and Oppression 


Introductory Speaker: TBC

Chair: Dr Pan Pey-Chun, National Pingtung University of Science & Technology, Taiwan


Kui Kasirisir (Hsu, Chun-Tsai), NPUST, Taiwan - Indigenous Older Adults in Taiwan: The Ageing Population and Related Policy


Shelley Bielefield, Griffith Law School, Australia - Cashless Welfare Transfers and Australia’s First Nations: Redemptive or Repressive Violence?


Grace O’Brien, Queensland University of Technology, Australia - Addressing the Educational Rights of Incarcerated Young People in Australia

Scott Avery, Western Sydney University, Australia - Something Stronger: Truth-telling on Hurt and Loss, Strength and Healing, from First Nations People with Disability


Hala Marshood, Who Pays?, Palestine - Dispossession and De-development of Palestinians in the Naqab

Clara H. Whyte, Paideia Mundi, Bolivia/Canada - Marginalization through Homelessness as a Symptom of a Major Crisis of Neoliberal Capitalism: How to Rebuild our Economic and Political System  

to Make It More Inclusive? 

Lin Hung-Yang & Liu Hsing-Kuang, NPUST/SCSP, Taiwan - Delivering Community Services During the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond: The Case of Southern Pingtung County


Stream 3 Wednesday March 23, 1pm - 5.25pm (TWT)

Migrant Plight: Before, During and After Flight 


Introductory Speaker: Dr Niro Kandasamy, University of Sydney, Australia

Chair: TBC


Katherine Langley, York St John University, England - Never Stare directly Into the Sun: A Practical Analysis of the Relevance of the Refugee Convention 1951 


Ana Filipe Neves, University of Coimbra, Portugal - Analysing Refugees’ Flight from Persecution as a Determinant of Their Present Condition and Future Situation


Rafia Kazim, LN University, DBG, India – “Hum to naa ghar ke ghaat ke”-‘we belong neither at home or work destination’-Understanding Migration from the Perspective of Migrants in India


Roland Zarzycki, Collegium Civitas, Poland  - Modelling the Ideological Determinants of Aversion to Migrants

Magdalena El Ghamari, Collegium Civitas, Poland - Migrants in Europe During Covid 19. Stuck on the Poland-Belarus Border?

Cavidan Soykan, Freelance Researcher, Turkey - A New Expulsion Regime: Turkey's Unlawful Removal of Refugees from Its Territory

Mei-Hua Chen, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan – Same-Sex Sexual Migration: The Politics of Intersectionality of Same-Sex Marriage Migration. 

Alice Coventry, Lumos Foundation, England - Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre: A Study of State Induced Atrocities Against Detained Migrants


Stream 4 Thursday March 24, 8am - 12.25pm (TWT)

Disability Discrimination: Ableism, Hate and Social Ostracism  


Introductory Speaker: Professor Emeritus Colin Barnes, Centre for Disability Studies, England

Chair: Professor Karen Soldatic, Western Sidney University, Australia



Cunqiang Shi, University of Cardiff, Wales - Precarity and Opportunity: Exploring the Structure and Agency Tensions Around Disability Employment in China

Liu Hsinyi, NPUST, Taiwan - The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia


Josephine Sirotkin, University of Leeds, England - Making a Monster: Carceral Logics and the Mistreatment of Disabled Adults in ‘Care’


Chen Chin Mao & Yang Shang Yu, Asia University, Taiwan – An Exploration of the Factors that Affect the Likelihood of Community Psychiatric Patients Participating in Vocational Training


Rebecca Porter, University of Leeds, England - The Evils of Welfare Dependency: Disabled People’s Struggles with an Unjust welfare State


Mo Stewart, Freelance Researcher, England - The Adoption of Preventable Harm, Masquerading as Social Policy Reforms


Andrea Hollomotz, University of Leeds, England - Ensuring Long-term Success of Personalised Support for a Young Man with Intellectual Disability and Harmful Sexual Behaviour: A Swiss Case Study


Leah Burch, Liverpool Hope University, England - Reporting Disability Hate Crime: Ambiguous Concepts and Fractured Relationships 


Stream 5 Thursday March 24, 1pm - 5.25pm (TWT)

Criminalising the Working Class and Benefit Claimants: Contrasting Costs of Crime and Blame 

Introductory Speaker: Professor Martin Powell, University of Birmingham, England

Chair: Dr Adam Formby, University of Lincoln, England


Chris Tilly, University of California Los Angeles, USA - Informal and Precarious Work in a Global Context


Adina Karten, Freelance Researcher, USA - Disabled People’s Street-Begging: An Ancient Livelihood Necessitated by Urbanity


Fernando Fontes, University of Coimbra, Portugal – Disabled people’s Access to Employment in Portugal: A Preliminary Analysis

Alexis Buettgen, York University, Canada - Disability - Inclusion in the Green Economy: Opportunities and Barriers

Ben Jessop, Bob Jeffrey & Peter Thomas, Sheffield Hallam University, England – From the Ordinary to the Exceptional: An Aetiology of Work-Based Harm During Covid-19


Liao Pei Ru, NPUST, Taiwan - The Conflicts of Working-Class Masculinity and Violence in the DV Perpetrators’ Intervention Program: A Case Study of County T in Taiwan

Clare Mawson, York St John University, England - Lost Before Lockdown: The Hidden Generation Let Down by Compulsory Schooling


Teresa Crew, Bangor University, Wales - The Day to Day Experiences of Working Class Academics Navigating Academia

Stream 6 Friday March 25, 9am - 12.25pm (TWT)

Gender, Youth and Difference: LGBTI+, 'Folk Devils', Alienation and Human Rights Abuse 


Introductory Speaker: Professor Karen Soldatic, Western Sidney University, Australia

Chair: Dr Simon Prideaux, Director of (In)Justice International, England


Isabel L. Krakoff, York University, Canada - Speaking for the Subaltern: Understanding the Consequences of Assumptions of Universality in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa


Ciara Cremin, University of Auckland, New Zealand - Trans-eye View: Life from a Trans Woman’s Perspective


Li Yi-Zhen, National Taiwan University, Taiwan - Study on the Assisted Reproduction in Taiwanese Same-sex Couples: A Cross Country Comparison


Smita Chakraborty, Jhargram Raj College (Girls’ Wing), India - Women, Witchcraft and Witch Branding:  A Critical Discourse Analysis of Female Stigmatization in Jhargram


Pan Pey-Chun, NPUST, Taiwan – A Pilot Study of the Attitudes Ventured Towards Disabled Women and the Social Resources Made Available in Taiwan for those Wanting Marriage and/or a Child


Susan Eriksson, South Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Finland - Young People with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities and their Opportunities to Physical Activities in the context of Ableism


Claudia Radiven, University of Leeds, England – Training A Generation: The Language of Islamophobia in the context of the UK’s Prevent policy

Adam Formby, University of Lincoln, England – An Injustice of Youth: Understanding Social Harms, Inequalities and Trajectories of Underrepresented Graduates in the UK

This is a hybrid gathering with presentations either pre-recorded, online or in person at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. Talks will be for 15 minutes followed by workshops and Q&A sessions. Attendees will be expected to attend online and are encouraged to participate in the workshop and Q&As (our last event attracted 524 participants from 28 different countries).  All details are subject to alteration, addition and change.

**A special call goes out for colleagues to organise classroom scenarios for students at every level (click here for recommended guidelines). This arrangement is part of our innovative and inclusive 'Educational Project' to promote a more critical understanding of the injustices around the world. The fee is $4 or £2 per stream, per head or $20/£10 per head for all six streams subject to ISA Category 'C' conditions**


To Be Paid by the University Only 


For registration, the applicable fees and details about our inclusive policy of providing free participation for individuals and classes who are based in the areas covered by ISA's category 'C',  please click here

Deadline for 'early bird' registration: January 10, 2022 


Final deadline for registration: March 24, 2022