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In Our Fight Against:

Conflict, Struggle, Divergence, Incarceration, Discrimination, Segregation, Exclusion, Marginalisation & Violence.

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(In)Justice International is a not-for-profit multidisciplinary global collective accessible to all

Our aim is to uncover, expose and publicise injustices/atrocities committed against the environment, Indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, refugees, disabled people, the so-called ‘troublesome youth’ and people from poorer class backgrounds. Injustices inflicted against gender ‘difference’ is also an important consideration. Moreover,  research from social policy, sociology, politics, disability studies, human geography, economics, criminology, legal activism, migration studies and investigative reporting are reflected in our dissemination of such nefarious acts through books, journals, newsletters, workshops and annual conventions. 


Although many of our techniques deployed are considered to be separate disciplines, this is not the case.  Each complements each other.  Rather than being confined to public administration, legal definitions and descriptions of socio-economic conditions as they are manifest in a specific moment in time, the uncovered revelations of ‘social harm’ and heinous practices will go beyond empirical declarations to explain why—whether it be good or bad—society and/or the economic environment has come to be in the condition that it is.  Genocide, war, class, gender, social exclusion, (institutional) discrimination and racism, migration, (social) media influence and public perception/actions are prominent aspects of our dissemination process in a dedicated opposition to (anti-)social injustice. 


On one side of the coin, theoretical knowledge combined with an awareness of influential social theorists (of the past or present) helps in the understanding of why political polices and directions are embarked upon.  On the other, the use of factual and statistical data underlines the consequences of such policy making.  Indeed, with this theoretical knowledge and factual reinforcement, it is then possible to devise a solution to destructive/oppressive circumstances when possible and necessary.  Historical analysis and theory in conjunction with knowledge of economic socio-political conditions, influences and outcomes also enhances understanding and, with this combination of theory and factual information (historical or contemporary), a more critical, wide-ranging approach can be taken toward the actions of government: thus, the strengths of our interdisciplinary approach is to equip our books, journals and workshops/conventions with the necessary tools to promote deeper more holistic interpretations of what the likely consequences of political decision-making could/does result in and, in so doing, provide a platform upon which effective action, remedies, resolutions and recompense (should such consequences already be apparent) can be instigated and achieved.   


By Uncovering, Exposing and Publicising Injustices Relating to:

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


Leeds, LS8 3BL

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